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Solve your business challenges via competition-driven performance in AI and Data Science
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Define your goals (Solve a business task or hire the best minds)
We develop and launch a competition based on your needs
Benefit from the results
  • Crowdsource the best minds: specialists will find and craft the best solutions to tackle your business challenges
  • Find relevant professionals: competitions are adjusted to your particular business needs to find professionals motivated to solve specific challenges
  • Hire the best in the field: whether you need researchers, analysts or engineers — reach them via competitions
  • Find motivated data scientists: all successful participants are scored candidates for recruitment
  • Boost your brand: ML and AI competitions are the proven way to make your company positioned as a technology leader
  • Reinforce your positioning among the Data Science community: brand-organiser is actively discussed among the community
  • Learn more about competition platforms
300 +
onsite interviews with high-skilled specialists conducted after AI Journey
150 +
job offers after AutoML competition and conference SDSJ 2018
500 +
unique solutions of competitive tasks discussed in the community
30 +
competitions held per year
Join the largest in Europe Data Science events as a sponsor or create your own conference to achieve your business goals
  • Outreach the largest in Europe Data Scientists community offline: via the largest in Europe event for Data Scientists and relevant tech areas
  • Strengthen your HR policy: hire the best professionals by organising targeted HR activities during the Data Fest
  • Receive the profiles of the best Data Scientists in the field: participants provide their contacts for sharing with the sponsors for hiring purposes
  • Deliver the right messages: Data Fest consists of a series of conferences where you can participate with a keynote speech or lead the full section
  • Build integrated campaigns to deliver maximum value: you can organise your competition followed by an educational project and a conference to present the solutions in order to attract more attention to the brand
  • Position your brand among the technology leaders: Sberbank, X5 Retail Group, Mail.ru, Yandex, Huawei are choosing Data Fest as one of the leading events in Data Science in Eurasia
40 +
events held since 2015

8 000
specialists participated in the largest Data Fest
25 +
countries and 200+ cities are in the geography of the participants
100 +
sponsors participated in our events
Educational projects
Organise educational projects for Data Scientists to promote your brand, strengthen positioning on the technology market, or hire relevant professionals
  • Continue promoting your brand: target the right audience in Data Science community to appeal to your business needs
  • 360 degree approach: educational projects are generated as a result of competitions, community knowledge and expert content. You can adjust the pathway to educate the audience and deliver maximum value
  • Flexible content: educational projects consist of tracks with several tasks – you can craft the content to suite your business goals
  • Deliver comprehensive messages: educational track includes content from the company experts that allows the audience to learn more about company benefits
  • Use the well-known among the community formats: ML trainings is a well-established format where Data Scientists review the ML solutions generated during the competitions
43 000 +
Data Scientists receive an announcement about the new educational project
164 000
views of ML Trainings videos in 2019
18 000
hours total watch time of ML Trainings in 2019
Data Souls provides technology platform where businesses meet Data Scientists community to solve practical challenges via crowdsourcing of the best minds in Data Science
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